Aroma, Fruit Concentrate Production Unit

Hommak’s Aroma and Fruit Concentrate Production Unit: Enhancing Flavor and Fragrance

Aromas, whether natural or artificial, are key substances added to food to enhance its flavor and scent. These aroma compounds can comprise of singular aroma substances, reaction aromas, aroma mixtures, and even smoke aromas, or a blend of these.

Aromas can be classified into three types based on their extraction method:

Natural Aroma Agents: They are substances obtained from plan tor animal sources.

Nature Identical Aroma Agents: They are substances synthesized by chemical means with characteristics similar to natural aroma substances.

Artificial Aroma Agents: These substances are not found in nature, therefore, they are synthesiz by chemical methods

Aroma, Fruit Concentrate Production Unit

Aromas are integrated into food processing for several reasons:

  • To compensate for the loss of aroma and flavor during the food processing phase.
  • To boost consumption by introducing enticing flavors and scents that are not inherently present in the food.
  • To minimize any off-flavors or scents in the food that could negatively impact product consumption.

Hommak Machinery provides comprehensive production line solutions for the creation of aromas, a critical component in food manufacturing.

Hommak's Fruit Juice Concentrate Solutions

Fruit juice concentrate is the product remaining after the water content in fruit juice is evaporated. This concentrate is typically used as an intermediate product, and it’s usually not consumed directly.


Hommak Machinery is committed to supporting its customers with high-quality Fruit Juice Machines. Additionally, we provide comprehensive solutions for Concentrated Fruit Juice Production Lines on a turnkey basis. Enhance your production capabilities with our reliable and efficient solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs.


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