HOMMAK Yogurt Filling Machines

  HOMMAK Yogurt Filling Machines are precision-engineered to fill yogurt at your desired volume or weight with exceptional accuracy of 0.1% and at a high speed. The machines are designed to maximize both precision and speed.

Our filling machine enables you to fill a variety of containers with liquid and semi-liquid products at your preferred volume or weight swiftly and precisely.

The HOMMAK filling machine is a semi-automatic solution adept at filling pre-prepared containers made of materials like plastic, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and clay, with yogurt and creamy yogurt.

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Key Features of the HOMMAK Filling Machine

 Please note that the stated numbers can vary based on the operating speed and the performance of the personnel.
  • Capable of filling hot milk at 85 – 90 C, ideal for creamy yogurt.
  • Ensures a stable pH level in the product.
  • Automatic filling amount adjustment from the control panel for easy operation.
  • Equipped with a touch screen PLC control panel for user-friendly operation.
  • Designed in accordance with EU safety regulations (CE standards).
  • Engineered, manufactured, and tested in line with the ISO EN 9001 Quality System.
  • Engineered for easy maintenance and cleaning (CIP and SIP).
  • Built with a stainless steel construction (frame) and electrical panel for durability.
  • Ergonomically designed to occupy less space.
  • A mobile machine that offers flexibility in placement.
  • Driven by an AC motor for reliable operation.
  • Proudly designed and manufactured domestically.
Yogurt Filling Machines

Automatic Yeast and Culture Filling Machine by HOMMAK

Our machines are specifically designed to fill yeast and cultures into your chosen containers with optimal precision and speed.

The HOMMAK K-FMY yeast and culture filling machines stand out in their ability to fill pre-made bowls of diverse sizes and shapes with 0.1% precision. They can function with two, three, and four operators, offering exceptional versatility.

HOMMAK Yogurt Filling Machine with Conveyor

Introducing the HOMMAK K-FMC belt filling machines. These machines, designed to work with 2, 3, or 4 operators, are adept at filling pre-made bowls of various sizes and shapes with a precision of 0.1%. The HOMMAK volumetric filling machine, equipped with a magnetic flow meter, is designed to fill liquid and semi-liquid products into bowls located on a conveyor belt with ease and precision.

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