Laboratory Type Homogenizer

HOMMAK laboratory type homogenizer has a portative and transportable structure. It enables you to improve your current products, test the effect of homogenization on products, and get optimum results by determining the best process parameters.

It is used in many fields such as medicines and pharmaceutical products, biotechnological products, chemistry and petrochemical industry, cosmetics, milk and dairy products, food and beverage, university laboratories, and organizations that carry out R&D activities.

Over 20 years of experience

More than 3500 references worldwide

Superior quality and Competitive pricing

The features of HOMMAK laboratory type homogenizer:

  • High performance and high-pressure resistant stainless steel MonoBlock
  • Manual pressure adjustment
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Second stage homogenization valve group
  • No need for a feeder pump (for products with a viscosity up to 100,000 cP)
  • Three-phase motor, variable speed adjustment
  • A panel made of stainless steel, removable for maintenance and cleaning
  • Anti-vibration counterforts

Hommak Very High Pressure Homogenizers


  • Pressure (Bar) : 2000
  • Capacity (L/H) : 60
  • Power (kW) : 2.2


  • Pressure (Bar) : 1500
  • Capacity (L/H) : 20
  • Power (kW) : 2.2

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