Pilot Plant Homogenizer

HOMMAK pilot plant homogenizers are designed for limited production and R&D studies.

The advantages of pilot plant homogenizer:

  • Practical installation, simple use, fast and easy maintenance, low cost,
  • Mobile system construction, flexible working range up to 2000 bar pressure, pressure feeding of high viscosity products due to the product reservoir

Over 20 years of experience

More than 3500 references worldwide

Superior quality and Competitive pricing

Hommak® High-Pressure Homogenizers and Piston Pumps have excellent performance and reliability in the latest design concept.

-Smooth and noiseless operation

-More homogeneous and higher quality product production

-All stainless steel -User friendly design

-Easy maintenance and spare parts support

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Hommak Pilot Plant Homogenizers


  • Standard Pressure (Bar) : 200
  • Standard Capacity (L/H) : 500
  • Power (kW) : 5.5


  • Standard Pressure (Bar) : 200
  • Standard Capacity (L/H) : 250
  • Power (kW) : 2.2

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