Hummus Systems

Our Hummus System offers an ideal solution for creating top-quality hummus. Incorporating the efficient functioning of a high-pressure homogenizer and a mixer, our system facilitates the production of hummus with a silky, pleasing texture. The homogenizer reduces the ingredient size into fine particles while the mixer ensures homogeneous distribution. Together, these processes yield a nutritious and delectable product.

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Hummus production Systems

Our Hummus System stands out for its user-friendly operation and low maintenance needs. It accommodates a wide variety of ingredients, including but not limited to chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and various spices. The system provides flexibility, enabling the customization of hummus recipes by tweaking ingredient proportions or introducing new elements.

Hummus Systems

Designed for commercial-scale production, our Hummus System is capable of generating large quantities of hummus swiftly and effectively. Moreover, its design is suitable for smaller spaces due to its easy operation and clean-up. With its straightforward design and dependable operation, our Hummus System ensures quick production of appetizing hummus!


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