Fruit Juices Production Plant

Our plants feature the latest in fruit processing technology, including high-efficiency crushers, juicers, blending tanks, filters, pasteurizers, and bottling systems. Designed for durability and performance, our machinery ensures a seamless production process from start to finish.

A fruit juice processing facility is an establishment dedicated to the transformation of fruits and other farm produce into juice. This is achieved through the utilization of diverse equipment and machinery tailored for tasks such as crushing, blending, filtration, pasteurization, and bottling of fruit juices. Noteworthy machinery in a fruit juice processing plant includes a fruit crusher, a juicer, blending tank, filters, pasteurizer, high pressure homogenizer, pumps, valves, bottle filling apparatus, and packaging machine.

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Fruit Juices Production Plant

High Pressure, High Shear Mixer: Key to Superior Juice

The heart of our juice processing excellence is the high pressure, high shear mixer, essential for producing smooth, homogeneous juice. This advanced equipment optimizes juice quality by effectively breaking down fruit particles, ensuring a consistent and superior product.

Why Choose Hommak?

Turnkey Solutions Expert: With extensive experience since 2004, Hommak designs and equips your plant for peak performance.

Advanced Technology: Our team leverages cutting-edge technology for plants that surpass industry standards.

Unmatched Quality and Support: From top-tier machinery to exceptional customer service, our commitment is to your success.

Partner with Hommak for unparalleled efficiency and quality in your fruit juice production. Discover how our high pressure, high shear mixers and holistic plant solutions can transform your operation. Contact us today.


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