Fruit Yogurt Plant

For Hommak, choosing our comprehensive fruit yogurt production solutions signifies entrusting your operations to unparalleled expertise within the industry. Our facility, a beacon of quality and innovation in fruit yogurt manufacturing, is meticulously outfitted with state-of-the-art machinery and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring every batch of yogurt meets the highest standards of quality, taste, and texture.

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Fruit Yogurt Production Plant

The heart of our operation lies in the advanced processing equipment for fruit and yogurt production. From the initial steps of meticulous fruit cleaning and sorting to the crucial phases of pulping and pasteurizing, our facility leverages high-pressure, high-shear mixers and other essential machinery to guarantee the seamless integration of all ingredients. This not only enhances the yogurt’s flavor profile but also ensures a product that is consistently smooth, homogenous, and visually appealing.


Our high-pressure homogenizer plays a pivotal role in our production line, expertly blending milk, fruit pulps, sugar, and beneficial probiotic cultures into a perfect amalgam. This equipment, designed for optimal efficiency, ensures a superior mix under conditions ideal for preserving the nutritional value and taste integrity of our fruit yogurts. The subsequent homogenization and fermentation processes further exemplify our commitment to quality, culminating in a product that exemplifies excellence in every spoonful.

Fruit Yogurt Plant

Choosing Hommak means investing in a partner that prioritizes efficiency, quality, and innovation. Our fruit yogurt production solutions are not just about meeting the basic requirements; they’re about exceeding expectations and setting new industry benchmarks. With a focus on leveraging high-pressure, high-shear mixing technologies, Hommak stands at the forefront of the fruit yogurt production sector, ready to deliver products that not only satisfy but delight your customers.

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