Ketchup & Mayonnaise Full Automatic Production Line

Dive into the future of sauce production with Hommak’s Ketchup & Mayonnaise Full Automatic Production Line. Engineered for excellence, our comprehensive system transforms basic raw ingredients into high-quality condiments, streamlining every phase from blending to packaging. With our meticulously designed equipment, including cutting-edge high-speed mixers and high-pressure, high-shear homogenizers, we guarantee a production process that not only meets but exceeds industry standards in texture, quality, and safety.

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Ketchup & Mayonnaise Full Automatic Production Line

Innovative Technology for Supreme Quality

Our selection of machinery is pivotal in achieving unparalleled product quality. The cornerstone of our line, the high-pressure, high-shear homogenizer, stands out by efficiently breaking down fats and other particulates, resulting in ketchup and mayonnaise with a smooth texture and extended shelf life. This, alongside our high-speed mixers, ensures a perfectly uniform blend. The precision of our filling and capping machines guarantees correct portioning and secure sealing, while our labeling and packaging solutions deliver aesthetically pleasing and durable final products.

Hommak: Your Partner in Excellence

As Hommak, we pride ourselves on being the forefront provider of fully automated production lines for ketchup and mayonnaise, marked by reliability, efficiency, and user-centric design. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, with each machine crafted to the highest standards for standout performance and longevity. Recognizing the unique needs of each business, we offer customizable solutions to perfectly match your production demands.

With competitive pricing and a focus on rapid delivery, we ensure you receive outstanding value and a quick start to your operations.


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