Labne Production Plant

Discover the pinnacle of efficiency and quality in Labneh production with Hommak’s state-of-the-art machinery. At the heart of our innovative Labneh manufacturing facilities lies our exceptional high pressure, high shear mixer—a key to unlocking unparalleled texture and taste in your Labneh.

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Labne Production Plant

Initiating the Labneh making process, our facilities prioritize the pasteurization of milk, employing precise temperature control to eliminate harmful bacteria, ensuring the safety and quality of your product from the outset. Cooling follows, prepping the milk for the introduction of beneficial bacterial cultures, which is when Hommak’s high pressure, high shear mixer comes into play.

Hommak’s high pressure, high shear mixer is engineered to perfection, optimizing the homogenization process by breaking down fat molecules more efficiently than ever before. This not only guarantees a smooth, consistent texture but also enhances the flavor profile of the Labneh, setting a new standard in the dairy industry.

HOMMAK Labne Production Plant

Our commitment at Hommak goes beyond merely supplying machinery. We provide a comprehensive solution for Labneh production that emphasizes efficiency, reliability, and quality. Our high pressure, high shear mixers are at the forefront of dairy processing technology, promising a Labneh with unmatched texture and taste.


Choosing Hommak means investing in durability, efficiency, and excellence. With our competitively priced, top-of-the-line equipment, your Labneh production is set to meet and exceed global standards. Our dedication to exceptional customer service ensures your manufacturing process is smooth, efficient, and productive.


Elevate your Labneh production today with Hommak’s high pressure, high shear mixers. Experience the difference in quality and service that makes Hommak the smart choice for dairy processing professionals worldwide.


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