Hummus Production Line

Hummus is a versatile spread or dip, originating from the Middle East, traditionally made from a well-blended mix of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. Its popularity has surged across various countries globally and has recently gained significant traction in the United States.

The global appetite for hummus is on the rise, with an annual increase of 8% in worldwide hummus exports since 2014, as reported by the International Trade Centre. Meanwhile, in the United States, hummus sales have soared by over 20% per year since 2013. This trend is fuelled by the increasing focus on health-conscious eating and the convenience of ready-made product availability.

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Hummus Production Line

Our company prides itself on manufacturing state-of-the-art hummus production lines tailored to suit both commercial-scale operations and small-scale home production. Our machines are designed to deliver user-friendly operation and maintenance, as well as consistent output. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive after-sales support to ensure our customers maximize their investment benefits. Our proficiency and experience in this industry equip us to provide our clients with reliable and cost-effective solutions for all their hummus production needs.

Hummus Production Line


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