Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Production Unit

If you’re in the market for a comprehensive solution to launch your shampoo production line, look no further than HOMMAK, the trusted name in shampoo production equipment.

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Liquid Detergent Production Unit

We, at HOMMAK, recognize the vital role of employing the right production equipment. Our shampoo production units are engineered to uphold superior standards, particularly in the production of shampoos and diverse hair care products. These machines adeptly handle the mixing of viscous liquids, inclusive of clear and opaque solutions, with an adjustable pH down to 5.5. Depending on the specific type of shampoo you intend to produce, the viscosity can be customized up to 1500 centipoise.

However, our expertise doesn’t stop at shampoo production lines. We proudly cater to a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, API and bulk drugs, food and beverages, chemical processing, ayurvedic and herbal industries, and ointment-cream manufacturing. Our product line encompasses planetary mixers, contra/semi-contra mixers, shampoo and moisturizer/lotion manufacturing vessels, storage vessels and transfer pumps, blenders, vacuum dryers, material handling devices, reactors, heat exchangers, receivers, distillation columns, and more. Additionally, we are prepared to meet your unique needs with custom-made equipment.

Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Production Unit

HOMMAK is dedicated to offering top-notch shampoo production equipment, engineered with an unwavering commitment to the highest quality. Our professional team is prepared to collaborate with you closely to ensure your production line is tailored perfectly to your requirements. Reach out to us today to discover more about our shampoo and hair conditioner production solutions and how we can assist in crafting your ideal production line.

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